Summer Update


To all the vultures who somehow got my cell number while I was ON VACATION just to ask when the next GRC update would be: shut up. I appreciate your enthusiasm (sometimes) but not your threats to cut off one of my fingers for every day that nothing is posted on the site. Don’t you realize that would be counterproductive? How am I supposed to post with nubs? If anything, you should threaten to cut off my toes so that I’ll have nothing to do but post. Don’t do that, though. I’d quit the site just to spite you.

So. The first good bit of news is that GRC will open its east coast office in Northampton, MA in July. We will be sharing our office space and phone lines with Trimble Inc. We have found their employees to be very agreeable and physically attractive in the past and expect great success in the venture. In late June, there will be a send-off party to celebrate the holy partnership of GRC and Trimble Inc., followed by a business retreat in Kauai to meet with the CEO of Trimble Inc. and plan for the months and years ahead.

In the weeks to come, we have some great things lined up:

– A piece titled, “Lent Remembered”.

– A piece titled, “Wit of Winston,” collecting many of Winston Churchill’s most quotable anecdotes.

– Part 4 of the popular “Invented Statistics” series.

– GRC may release a series of discussion questions for summer book clubs full of people who won’t know what to talk about without strict numbered questions.

– More radio shows featuring Gabe and Tom and not Darnell (who is currently touring the country as a singer).

This should sort out the accusations that we’re just sitting on our fannies all the live long day.

Discussion Topic: Isn’t that photo sweet? With all of us in the air? Doesn’t it elevate our credibility 8-12% and make us look a little less bloggy?

6 thoughts on “Summer Update

  1. Wakk says:

    You guys did that in photoshop. Nobody can really jump in the air like that.

  2. Ska! says:

    No, if you look really close, the different hues of blue in the picture prove that it isn’t photoshop.

  3. BlueHue 2.0 says:

    Use BlueHue 2.0 to create the most realistic jump in the air pictures! And now: CloudSky beta to prove to friends that you really were all in the air at the same time! It’s sure to fool everybody.

  4. That guy at The New York Times says:

    Blue Hue sucks! I used to be a hotshot photographer for The New York Times until I used BlueHue 1.1 to photoshop a picture and now I live in a shack somewhere cold.

  5. Adobe says:

    We appreciate that you use the verb “photoshop” but please only use it when you’re talking about using the program Photoshop. Especially since BlueHue is total crap.

  6. BlueHue 2.0 says:

    The problems that you experienced with 1.1 have been corrected with BlueHue 2.0! We don’t suck now! Thanks,
    The BlueHue Team

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