From the Archives, Part IV


We hope you dear listener’s have enjoyed the April “From the Archives” series that you were clamoring for. “I commute six hours a day,” one whiny listener said. “What am I supposed to do… listen to NPR the whole time?” No way, friend, those guys don’t even know when to yell. And when you still run out of episodes, we invite you to take the “GRC Watch Every Episode Twice Challenge”. And don’t just watch the parts of our show where Darnell’s shirt is off.

Season 1, Episode #11 “They Think They’re the Stuff But They’re Not” (Fall 2005): Returning special guest Brittany Kay shows up for some serious singalongsFeaturing two mess-up versions and one amazing version of “It May Be at Morn,” “And I’m Lonely,” “Polar Bear Man,” “The Lover’s Serenade,” “Dance Machine,” “My Humps (over David Gray beat),” “Demons,” “You Suck Suck Suckers”.


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