Season 3, Episode 9 – Season Finale

grc hostsfaris

Episode #9 “Spare a Bruise, the Child Will Lose” (4/23/07):  Featuring singer/guitarist/RD/percussionist Christopher Faris. Songs/segments include “Cliffhanger Song/Pick a Number,” Awards Bragging, “Finale,” “We Won (No One Else Won),” Smokey McGee, “GRC Shirtless,” breathed art, GRC East vs. West, “Spare a Bruise,” “God’s Backhand,” “O Want to See Him,” Faris interviews Tom about his love life, world premiere of Faris and Shantilli’s smash hit, interview part 2, “She’s Just A Little Thing,” epic version of “The Times That We’ve Had”.

4 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 9 – Season Finale

  1. Gordon Freeman says:

    This special guest of yours must have been the reason this show won the award for ” The Greatest Radio Show in the History of KWVS – and Future of it too.” That was a real rabbit out of the hat move. Also, I was weeping at the beauty of the hymn. Truly, this was an amazing moment in aural broadcasting.

  2. Doc Brown says:

    Be careful, Marty. I mean Gordon. If an episode from the future wins an award from the past, then Biff will become President and marry your mamsy!

  3. Gabe says:

    I never thought Doc Brown would side with Concerned Mom, but there it is. Traitor.

  4. Doc Brown says:

    Sorry fellas. CM is a close friend of mine. Wink!

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