Season 3, Episode 7


darnellMatt H

Episode #7 “Count Your Many Sins” (4/9/07):  Featuring mathimusician Matt Highfield of Aria Decline fame. Songs/segments include Pizza at a Math Picnic, GRC Mail Bag, “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by the Beatles, “Count Your Sins/Count Your Blessings,” yet another Acappella song, the first 100 digits of Pi, “Pick a Number,” A Country Song by Colin Ray (“I Read a Note…”), Fight Club Presents, “3×5/Because of the Internet I Feel Like I’ve Been Everywhere” by John Mayer, a preview of Darnell’s “Secret,” “Nothing (What Do You Get?),” “Give Us Bananas/And You’ll Like It/ Intervention” last part by the Arcade Fire, legitimate caller, “Last Train Ride Home,” encore: “The House That Guilt Built” by the Wrens.


3 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 7

  1. Dog-Cat says:

    Some days I wish you got nothing when you crossed a dog and a cat. If only life were that simple.

  2. Darnell's #1 Man-Fan says:

    Hey guys, 85% of last nights show was tremendous. What I want to know is: Where in the HECK is my favorite host at the beginning and end of the show??

  3. Pi says:

    I loved the part where you recited me, though I was a bit saddened that Matthew was quick to come up with his least favourite digits (some of those digits I could understand, while others were my personal favourites*).

    * “Favourites” is not misspelled. I am English.

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