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Tombomgabe alexbrittany

Historians will love analyzing this one. This particular episode was just before the radio show hit its stride in the vein of quick exchanges and live in-studio music. However, Tough Stuff was already going full-swing.

Season 1, Episode #3 “Dump!” (Fall 2005): Featuring storyteller Brittany Kay and musician Alex Moore. Featuring Darnell call-in, Mike Nevarrez call-in, Tough Stuff, Matt Laubacher call-in, “Fallen Star,” “Girls Are Mean,” some recorded songs, Gabe’s Fireside Chat, Pope Pius the VII the II.


One thought on “From the Archives

  1. Ol' Man Henry says:

    that Tom is such a (explitive). Dump me will you? In my day that kinda disr’spect would getcha a good caning!

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