Season 3, Episode 6


MichaelJohn C

Episode #6 “From Russia With Lust” (4/2/07):  Featuring real-life Russian Michael Brinley and Won by One vocalist John Calhoun. Songs/segments include Acappella’s “Acappella,” a defense of Commonism, “A Russian Song With Translation,” Bibles with technology, Josh Ritter’s “Snow is Gone,” “If I Was the President of Russia (The President of Russia Would Be Me),” “Mother Russia,” Concerned Mom rant [explicit, not our fault], “Baby… Shut Up”.


7 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 6

  1. Concerned Mom says:

    Oh, that is rich. You get one of your women of the night to call in PRETENDING to be me, thus destroying my reputation and giving yourselves some moral high ground. Well there is no way my supporters will buy that, you… eff heads!

  2. Russian Mafia says:

    I consider this episode sufficient payment. Congratulations, Mr. Brisco. The hit is off.

  3. Russian FCC says:

    We also enjoyed the episode very much, particular the way you disarmed popular Russian stereotypes through your subtle humor. Well done gentleman. I don’t know who that Concerned Mom lady is but she sound like a major b.

  4. GRC Hosts says:


  5. American FCC says:

    We’re gonna have to charge you for that caller’s swears.

  6. GRC Hosts says:


  7. Keith Lancastrato says:

    I’m getting a lot of requests to do “Baby. . . Shut Up” this year for weddings. Could you post a four-part arrangement of that on the site? Thanks.

    Well on my way,


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