When the Moonshines

Tombom A Country Song by Thomas Bush


Staring at the water, like it’s a satin dress
Mesmerized at the lake, my lady and me
Talk and laugh for hours, these times are our best
The world spins around till we can’t see…
When the moon shines…


A Man’s gotta work his field, plantin’ corn and green beans
Those beans’ll keep, but store corn, it won’t stay
It’s a simple man’s science, preparing for his family
Then the rough times will be better days
When the moon shines…


When the Moon Shines! There’s Fire that Burns in my heart!
I’m dancing and I’m singing ‘cause I’m free
Don’t let me down, I love you now, Let’s never be apart
When the moon shines, your beauty is plain to see
We’ll ride on down the dusty road!
No one will hear, no one will know
These are glory days and they will always be…
When the moon shines

Old Fletcher was the best dog; he, my gun, and me
We’d spend hours in the woods with the moon shine
And as the sun rise came, we’d shoot then go see
If what we thought we’d shot is what we’d find…
With the moonshine


Oh and nowadays, I can’t see the moon!
The moon shine or the sky, I’m feeling pretty gloom
But they say dreamers live dreaming, out of the box
My box is a bottle and I’m dreaming of the day…


When the moon shines… etc.


4 thoughts on “When the Moonshines

  1. Concerned Mom says:

    This is what I like. Nice songs about the moon and love. It’s the perfect song, other than a few missed spaces between words. That’s no big deal though.

  2. Whisky Roger says:

    Not all moonshine causes blindness. It’s a myth perpetuated by the media and country singers. Check your facts!

  3. Ray Charles says:

    Sometimes it DOES.

  4. Rafael Palmeiro says:

    What do you know Ray Charles, you had glaucoma, probably from taking steriods. I mean who does that. I have never used steriods, period!

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