Season 3, Episode 4 – Download This Episode to Your iPod and Run For an Hour

gabe alexTombom

Episode #4 “Post-St. Patrick’s Day Shame” (3/19/07): Featuring long-time listener, first-time caller Alex Moore. “Smoke Yourself to the End,” “Dancing To and Fro,” the world premiere of “Everybody Wins,” “Where Did the Light Go? (I Will Hit You All Over),” Remix of the Week, “When I Look Into Her Eyes,” “Auction Song,” “Get On Board the Gather Round Show Train: Someday We Will Make a T-Shirt”.


4 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 4 – Download This Episode to Your iPod and Run For an Hour

  1. Andy Benton says:

    Brilliant show last night. Thank you so much for bringing credibility to Pepperdine’s radio program.

  2. All the VPs except Nancy says:

    And the great thing is that since you guys came down so hard on those phonies, the drunkenness, drugs, and dancing are almost nonexistant. Now nobody will complain about that failed “safe rides” program anymore. We VPs wish that we had as much influence as GRC and as much credibility as Nance.

  3. Shoeless Joe says:

    Living on the streets of malibu, you guys continue to warm my spirits every monday night. Unfortunately I missed las weeks episode, and just planned to catch it online with the laptop the Ed Harris gave me (he said he didn’t need it anymore)! so why the freck does the episode cut off early? i feel like i wasn’t judged and condemned to my full potential! is the rest of the episode gonna be posted?

  4. Gabe Durham (of Gather Round, Children fame) says:

    What the freck you talkin bout, Shoeless? There’s 60 mins of gather round goodness on there! I think you just got spoiled on that very special 80 minute episode 2 weeks go.

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