The Dashboard Melted But We Still Have the Radio

guitarI just wanted to share some enlightening stats. There is a section on wordpress called “Dashboard: blog stats” where I get to see what searches led people to my site. Here’s the stats from the past couple of days (updated 3/1/07)

Search Engine Terms
These are terms people used to find your blog.


life struggles 1
the crazy housewife 1
children’s shows “Gather ‘Round” 1
craziest stalkers 1
world’s craziest stalkers 1
animal abuse stupid rebuttals 1


gabe durham 3
i don,t want to die 1
biodome words 1
“Mr. Lemons” Glen Phillips 1
sexy children 1
mason jennings shirtless 1

I love the internet and its potential for creepin on everybody. What worries me is that a “sexy children” search led someone to my site. If the FBI didn’t have a file on us before, they for sure will now.

17 thoughts on “The Dashboard Melted But We Still Have the Radio

  1. You’ll be interested to know that you were also probably noted on my site by the person who searched “haikus on responsibility.”

    If the FBI is reading this, I was never here.

  2. Mason Jennings Shirtless says:

    What up, what up. I hear this is the place people come to see me shirtless. Well that’s great. I’ve got a project for all you: Let’s make 2007 the year where there are more searches for “Mason Jennings shirtless” than any other topic! Move out the way, “Britney Spears bald,” “Mason Jennings shirtless” is gunnin for ya!

  3. Sexy Children says:

    Relax, tards. Sexy Children is a neaux-punk experimental band. It’s meant to be ironic.The searcher was probably looking for info on the release of their new album, “Shut the F*** Up, the Sexy Children Just Entered the Room and They Command Respect”. If you ever stop thinking that anyone, let alone the FBI would be looking into your site and decide to get yourself some culture, check out Sexy Children and maybe buy some of our merch. Their merch.

  4. Mason Jennings shirtless says:

    I think you guys opened for me one time. You got teen angst all over the mics, the floor… it was pretty sick. I actually had to put a shirt on that night, which is saying a lot.

  5. Sexy Children says:

    Oh yes. The acoustic guitar man. Never been done before. Really changing the world. Good luck with that.

  6. Gabe says:

    Mr. Jennings, I just did 20 searches for you on a bunch of different search engines. Hope that helps.

  7. Mason Jennings shirtless says:

    You remembered the “shirtless” part, right?

  8. Gabe says:

    Oh. No. But I’ll do some of those, too.

  9. Mason Jennings shirtless says:

    Oh, for–Ok look. No, it’s fine. I’m not mad. I just wasn’t being clear. 2007 needs to be the year of searches for “Mason Jennings shirtless”. if you don’t include the shritless part, you’re actually working against me because it implies that you are hoping to find pictures of me with my shirt on. But really, it’s fine. I just wasn’t clear. But please, PLEASE remember: The search is “Mason Jennings shirtless”. Let’s make it a great year, everybody!

  10. Sexy Children shirtless says:

    I, too, would like to announce my bid to get “Sexy Children shirtless” the most searched-for item of 07. We can make it happen!

  11. Gabe says:

    There is no way I am ever typing that into a search engine.

  12. Also, real quick: We’re on MySpace.

  13. Gabe says:

    Please go away.

  14. Mason Jennings shirtless says:

    You guys dare talk to me about originality? You ripped off my search idea!

  15. Gabe says:

    I’m as outraged as you are, Mr. Jennings.

  16. Mason Jennings shirtless says:

    Don’t suck up.

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