A Poem laced with bleakness, truth, and patriotism

You hear of wars of long lost days

And how still the world is cursed today

The bags of men are never seen,

Media produced our consciouses clean


But fighting men will never die

Not while fear and hate survive

There is a place where souls can rest

But it seems to be with who fought the best


So fight on in search of peace

Only to provoke those who now seek release

They will wander in the desert more

And wonder what we ever fought for


And yet the place where life is worse

Is the place where men only fill their purse

A soul not dead, yet not alive

In America, it will survive


Distant and longing for a cause to fight

But locked away, to their eyes no light

Settle for checks and sell your soul

is the motto of the rich; in money we roll.

3 thoughts on “A Poem laced with bleakness, truth, and patriotism

  1. Bob Dylan says:

    To fully enjoy this poem, picture me singing/talking these lyrics.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks Bob, I was thinking of you and/or Dave Staples performing this as I was writing it. It’s itching for a nice melody.

  3. Good song/poem. A good friend wrote a song that this reminds me of:

    It appears we’ve bet our future on a war,
    that hath the code, but not a core.
    The doubly-rich, they doubly-tax the double-poor.
    The constitution – it ain’t relevant no more
    says the man who bet our future on a war.

    Have you ever bet your future on a song,
    and humbly asked the humble world to sing along?
    Takes some courage, but I’m hopin’
    to keep this conversation open.
    I’d prefer we bet our future on a song.

    Just felt like sharing that… the song really gives me the chills sometimes. (so does Dave Staples… that animal!)

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