Welcome to Gather Round, Children. As always, I’m Gabe Durham…


You caught me not posting. Well, here’s what’s going on. First, we had a very successful literary event at my house last weekend. Stories were shared, tears were shared, feedback was fed, subsequent revisions to stories were made. Thanks again to everyone who made it.

Right now, I’m focusing on grad school stuff and less on publishing sweet articles online. That said, expect another article at La’s The Place next week about a classical music concert at UCLA.

Also… It has occured to me that one man showcasing his writing and music was never what Gather Round, Children was about, so I’m enlisting co-host Thomas Bush and possibly some special guests to revive the GRC community. Speaking of special guests, previous GRC special guest Brian Jones may soon become the next Big Lots! spokeself. If so, the Gather Round Children Show will go ahead and take all the credit.

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