Sexy music and becksy music.

Seriously, I’m done now. The puns are out of my system for at least 80 years. Go see Beck Day 5, first of all, for the conclusion of my review.

I wasn’t lying when I promised some sexy music. Here’s the current draft (a work in progress) of the Gabe Durham remix of Thomas Bush’s neighborly hit, “I’d Like to Know.” David Loi would love this…


12 thoughts on “Sexy music and becksy music.

  1. Reggie Boatman says:

    You’d better be serious about quitting those puns, man. You’re really alienating your fan base.

  2. Gabe says:

    Yeah, you’d know something about alienating your fanbase, wouldn’t you, Reggie? Face it, most people haven’t even heard of you or you’re stupid variety show. You used to be good, like “The Fighting Lamonte”. Now you’re about to be as cancelled as “Horse Horse Horse”.

  3. Gabe says:

    Hey, I’m sorry buddy. Uncalled for. I’m sensitive about my puns.

  4. Gabe says:


  5. Reggie Boatman says:

    Now you know what it feels like to have no one paying attention. Hurts, don’t it?

  6. Gabe says:

    Yeah, that was a tough minute.

  7. oooooEEEE– that “I’d like to know” beat is HOT. I been dancin all night and ge-ge-ge-gettin’ nasty.

  8. Anthony Hopkins says:

    Dear Michael,
    Have you so quickly forgotten our little talk about having some class. Especially on such a prestigious website as

  9. Gabe says:

    See Reggie? THESE guys are stars.

  10. Showbiz LovePuff says:

    oh you, michael jackson, ironic isn’t it that you visit a site such as gather round children you nasty man.

  11. Gabe says:

    Oh yeah, gross. If this site starts to attract tons of MABLA pervs, I’m shutting it down. Or at least renaming it, “Gather Round, Consenting Adults”. Then again, THAT title might attract a different sicko clientele. What’s a webmaster to do?

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